24 Jun, 2024

Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Unit 1/Lesson 0 : 50 Most Common verbs in Yoruba

Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on some of the most common Yoruba verbs! Whether you’re a beginner learning Yoruba or someone looking to deepen your understanding of this rich and vibrant language, knowing the basic verbs is essential for effective communication. Yoruba, a language spoken by over 20 million people primarily in Nigeria, is […]

4 mins read

Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Unit 1/Lesson 13 : 50+ Yoruba Word List according to chatGPT

Introduction The following table contains a list of yoruba words acquired for chatGPT. Hope it helps! Aṣọ Cloth Ilé House Ìwé Book Ìró Skirt/Wrapper Omi Water Orúkọ Name Ẹran Meat Ìbọ Door Ìlékun Window Aro Road Bẹ̀rẹ̀ Fast Okun Ocean Ẹnu Mouth Ọwọ́ Hand Ede Language Ayé World Ìjàpá Tortoise Alábà Market Ojú Eye Ojúmọ́ […]

2 mins read