24 May, 2024

The top 5 Real Estate Moguls in South Korea!

Discover the financial prowess of five South Korean celebrities who have not only conquered the entertainment industry but also excelled in real estate investments. From lucrative property purchases to impressive profits, delve into the savvy financial moves of these stars.

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[fmkorea] More Burning Sun Shocking Secrets Unveiled!Additional Investigation Materials Released on Burning Sun Case

Recent investigative materials, including leaked documents and testimonies, reveal shocking details about illicit recordings and allegations of corruption within the club’s operations. As the scandal continues to unfold, it has become a focal point of public scrutiny, sparking debates about accountability, transparency, and the treatment of women in South Korean society. These materials painted a […]

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[naver] Korean Women’s Community Sparks Outrage! You Won’t Believe What They Said about Foreign Men…

Original Article :  [Exclusive] In a Community of 840,000, Foreign Men’s Nude Photos Uploaded and Sexual Harassment This article discusses the controversy surrounding a large female-only community in South Korea called the ‘Nth Room for Women’, where members engage in sharing detailed personal information and reviews (called “reviews”) of foreign men they encounter on dating […]

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