25 Jun, 2024

Hybe’s Dirty Media War with Ador’s CEO Exposed!

Explore the intense conflict between Hybe and Ador’s CEO Min Hee-jin, including the controversial media tactics, legal battles, and the significant impact on Hybe’s reputation and stock value.

1 min read

[pann] Foreign media covering the Burning Sun incident will also cover Danworld?

Discover the controversy surrounding HYBE’s legal decisions, Min Hee-jin’s KakaoTalk messages, and Danworld’s unauthorized promotions. Explore why important lawsuits are being ignored and what the public has to say about it.

1 min read

[Exclusive] Seungri’s Close Associate: ‘Seungri Preparing to Open Club in Cambodia, Investments Completed.

Discover the latest updates on Seungri’s controversial comeback plans as he prepares to open a club in Cambodia amid ongoing scrutiny. Explore the unfolding story and the public’s reactions in this intriguing blog post.

2 mins read