24 May, 2024

Scandal Explodes: CEO Min Hee-jin Fires Back at HYBE’s Shocking Accusations!

Original article : Min Hee-jin’s Counterattack: ‘Did They Also Audit Those Frequenting Room Salons and Tenpro?   Introduction Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR, held a press conference to fiercely address allegations from HYBE concerning an alleged attempt to seize management rights. Amid a heated dispute with HYBE, Min released a statement to clarify her stance […]

2 mins read

[naver]Breaking: Actor Um Ki-joon’s Secret Marriage Plans Revealed!

Original Article : [Exclusive] Actor Um Ki-joon to Marry Non-Celebrity Woman in December. Renowned actor Um Ki-joon is set to marry a non-celebrity woman in December, as reported by The Fact. Despite his efforts to keep the relationship private, details have emerged, revealing the ceremony will be intimate, with close family and friends. Um Ki-joon, […]

1 min read

[fmkorea] Rapper San E and BE’O’s Agency Clash Over Unpaid Dues!

Original Article : BE’O’s Side in Conflict with Former Agency Head San E Over Unsettled Payments: ‘Legal Dispute Underway Big Planet Made Entertainment is engaged in a legal dispute with Fame Entertainment, the former agency of singer BE’O, over unfulfilled payment settlements. BE’O’s current agency claims that Fame improperly deducted expenses from total revenue before […]

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