24 May, 2024

[naver] NewJeans and Their Parents in Court Battle to Save Their CEO

Original article : NewJeans Stands by ‘Mother’ Min Hee-jin… All Members Submit Petitions NewJeans’ Supportive Petition: Members of the popular K-pop girl group NewJeans, along with their parents, submitted a petition to the court to support Ador CEO Min Hee-jin. This proactive move precedes a crucial shareholder meeting where Min’s dismissal could complicate NewJeans’ future. […]

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[naver] Min Hee-jin: ‘Treated Like an Outsider’ Within Hybe

Original article : Min Hee-jin: ‘Treated Like an Outsider’ Within Hybe…Meetings with Naver and Doo Namoo Were Personal Gatherings. CEO Min Hee-jin’s Response Amid Legal Dispute In the midst of a legal dispute with Hybe, CEO Min Hee-jin has stepped forward, breaking her silence and delivering her first public statement since her previous press conference. […]

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Scandal Explodes: CEO Min Hee-jin Fires Back at HYBE’s Shocking Accusations!

Original article : Min Hee-jin’s Counterattack: ‘Did They Also Audit Those Frequenting Room Salons and Tenpro?   Introduction Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR, held a press conference to fiercely address allegations from HYBE concerning an alleged attempt to seize management rights. Amid a heated dispute with HYBE, Min released a statement to clarify her stance […]

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[fmkorea] HYBE Accuses Min Hee-jin of Plotting Corporate Takeover Amid Album Sales Scandal

Original Article : HYBE: ‘We did not engage in album bulk buying… Min Hee-jin’s accusations are baseless. HYBE has publicly denied allegations made by Min Hee-jin of ADOR, claiming that they did not engage in ‘album bulk buying’ practices. They argued that these accusations are part of a plan to usurp company control. HYBE clarified […]

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[Naver] ‘Dispatch’ verified that the incident of ignoring the greeting actually happened.

Original Article :  NewJeans Parents Confront HYBE Over Bang Si-hyuk’s Shocking Behavior Last month, during a meeting between HYBE and NewJeans’ representatives, including three parents of NewJeans members, the issue arose regarding why HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk ignored their greetings. While HYBE suggested that Bang might have face blindness, the parents questioned if he could […]

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