25 Jun, 2024

Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Yoruba Short Story – Obe Iya Mi (My Mother’s Stew)

 a heartwarming short story in Yoruba about Ade and his mother’s visit to the market, leading to a delightful family meal. Includes vocabulary and a fun fill-in-the-blank exercise to enhance your language skills.

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Where is yoruba spoken ?

Yoruba is primarily spoken in Nigeria, where it is one of the four major languages, along with Hausa, Igbo, and English. It is the language of the Yoruba people, who are mainly found in the southwestern part of Nigeria, including Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, and Oyo states. However, Yoruba is also spoken in neighboring countries […]

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Brief Introduction about the Yoruba People

The Yoruba people, originating from West Africa, primarily Nigeria, Benin, and Togo, boast a rich cultural heritage with a history spanning centuries. Their tradition of oral history forms the cornerstone of their early narrative, passed down through generations. According to these tales, their migration from the Middle East to West Africa occurred over 1,000 years […]

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Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Lesson 12 : Yoruba Alphabets & Pronunciation Guide

Introduction Alphabets According to my weak research, there are 25 characters/letters  in the yoruba language ( please use the references below). Keep in mind that there are other letters/characters that are used but they are mostly pronounced exactly like in English. So I left them out here. Letter Tones English Equivalent A á,ā,à c(a)r, (a)h […]

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