[naver] Korean Women’s Community Sparks Outrage! You Won’t Believe What They Said about Foreign Men…
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[naver] Korean Women’s Community Sparks Outrage! You Won’t Believe What They Said about Foreign Men…

Original Article :  [Exclusive] In a Community of 840,000, Foreign Men’s Nude Photos Uploaded and Sexual Harassment

This article discusses the controversy surrounding a large female-only community in South Korea called the ‘Nth Room for Women’, where members engage in sharing detailed personal information and reviews (called “reviews”) of foreign men they encounter on dating apps. The information shared includes explicit descriptions of physical appearance and sexual attributes, often objectifying the men. There are also mentions of minors being involved. Legal experts highlight that such actions may constitute defamation and unauthorized disclosure of personal information, potentially violating South Korean laws. Additionally, the community has been criticized for opposing events that they perceive as sexual exploitation while engaging in similar behavior themselves, sparking discussions about double standards. The article also raises concerns about racial discrimination and the objectification of foreign men in the community.

  1. [+2411, -110] Breaking the law, regardless of gender, makes one a criminal. Criticizing and opposing events like KXF for sexualizing gender while secretly engaging in privacy breaches and defamation is hypocrisy. Thorough investigation and strong punishment are necessary.
  2. [+1676, -132] If genders were reversed, the whole country would have been turned upside down with another Nth Room incident, and all men would have had to prove, “I am not a sex offender,” lol.
  3. [+1202, -72] It’s been a long time since they’ve been up to these tricks, and now it’s finally making headlines, lol. Seriously, there’s no end to this nonsense.
  4. [+1061, -77] Let’s see how they punish the administrators there. Will they get at least 10 years like Cho Joo-bin?

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