[natepann] Shocking Court Decision Forces Hybe Into Emergency Meeting
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[natepann] Shocking Court Decision Forces Hybe Into Emergency Meeting

“Hybe entered an emergency meeting after the court accepted a request for an injunction, contrary to their expectations.”

What kind of media play are they planning now?

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  1. [+474, -26]   Ah hahaha, are they going to pathetically bring out Min Hee-jin’s KakaoTalk again and say, ‘Everyone, everyone! Look at this!!’ Hahahaha Hybe is now just ‘Chu-hybe’ ㅠㅠ
  2. [+404, -22]   Who would believe Hybe now, hahaha. Even the last straw for Hybe fans, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, is getting flooded with comments like ‘Lee Jin-ho’s downfall’ during his live broadcast. Hahaha, what will Hybe fans do now ㅜ
  3. [+388, -22]   The 2024 Hybe Downfall Incident. Hybe made a huge fuss trying to kick out Min Hee-jin, but only ended up with nicknames like ‘Chu-hybe’ and ‘Dan-hybe,’ and have really gone downhill.
  4. [+348, -15]   What are they scheming now… so creepy…


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