Scandal Explodes: CEO Min Hee-jin Fires Back at HYBE’s Shocking Accusations!
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Scandal Explodes: CEO Min Hee-jin Fires Back at HYBE’s Shocking Accusations!

Original article : Min Hee-jin’s Counterattack: ‘Did They Also Audit Those Frequenting Room Salons and Tenpro?



Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR, held a press conference to fiercely address allegations from HYBE concerning an alleged attempt to seize management rights. Amid a heated dispute with HYBE, Min released a statement to clarify her stance and counter the accusations.

Refutation of Investor Meeting Claims

Min refuted claims that her meetings with investors from Dunamu and Naver were part of a coup attempt. She explained these were informal gatherings with friends and unrelated to business dealings. She criticized HYBE for using these interactions to create a misleading narrative.

Criticism of HYBE’s Tactics

Min questioned the legality and motives behind HYBE’s aggressive investigations. These investigations included publicizing her private KakaoTalk messages. She denounced the accusations as distortions and challenged HYBE’s actions, suggesting they were a tactic to undermine her.

Defense of Professional Conduct

She highlighted the absurdity of questioning a CEO’s right to meet with investors. Min contrasted this with HYBE’s own questionable behaviors. She stressed her close bond with the NewJeans members, pointing out that they offered her support amid the controversy.

Call for Judicial Decision

Min expressed confusion over HYBE’s need for public theatrics if their goal was truly to gather evidence. She urged a reliance on factual judicial judgment rather than media manipulation. She called for an end to misleading narratives and reiterated her commitment to defending her reputation and the truth in court.


  1. [+1642, -623] More content to distract from the main point…
  2. [+707, -189] HYBE holds an 80% stake but didn’t appoint a single registered director -> They already gave full management authority to Min Hee-jin -> They trusted her -> They got backstabbed.
  3. [+536, -38] When the room salon and Tenpro topic comes up, the 30-40-year-old men go crazy in the comments, LOL. Why? Feeling guilty?
  4. [+1059, -579] While saying not to distract from the main issue, you’re the one distracting the most, Min Hee-jin. Are you in a hurry?
  5. [+401, -18] The way 40-something men react hysterically to the room salon topic in the comments is so pathetic.

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