[naver]Breaking: Actor Um Ki-joon’s Secret Marriage Plans Revealed!
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[naver]Breaking: Actor Um Ki-joon’s Secret Marriage Plans Revealed!

Original Article : [Exclusive] Actor Um Ki-joon to Marry Non-Celebrity Woman in December.

Renowned actor Um Ki-joon is set to marry a non-celebrity woman in December, as reported by The Fact. Despite his efforts to keep the relationship private, details have emerged, revealing the ceremony will be intimate, with close family and friends. Um Ki-joon, born in 1976, has a prolific career spanning theater, television, and musicals, earning him a dedicated fan base. He’s currently starring in the SBS drama “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” captivating audiences with his portrayal of the formidable villain, Matthew Lee.

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  1. [+421, -0] I thought he was already married…
  2. [+254, -106] He must have managed to hide his drinking well; there are no drinking-related comments on Pann.
  3. [+202, -0] Wasn’t he already married…?
  4. [+95, -19] Why are people selectively choosing to ignore Park Ji’s (* who??**) drinking problem?

For Korean learners

유부남 married man
음주drinking/alcohol consumption
넘기다 to pass/to overlook
펨코 a popular Korean online community
댓글 comment
선택적 selective
음주혐오 alcoholism/alcohol-related stigma