[fmkorea] Rapper San E and BE’O’s Agency Clash Over Unpaid Dues!
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[fmkorea] Rapper San E and BE’O’s Agency Clash Over Unpaid Dues!

Original Article : BE’O’s Side in Conflict with Former Agency Head San E Over Unsettled Payments: ‘Legal Dispute Underway

Big Planet Made Entertainment is engaged in a legal dispute with Fame Entertainment, the former agency of singer BE’O, over unfulfilled payment settlements. BE’O’s current agency claims that Fame improperly deducted expenses from total revenue before distributing BE’O’s earnings. Despite attempts to resolve the issue through formal notices, Fame did not comply, leading to a lawsuit. The first hearing is scheduled for June 13 at the Seoul Central District Court. Fame’ CEO and rapper San E has publicly disputed Big Planet’s claims, adding intrigue to the case.

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소속가수An artist under a company
맡기다assign, entrust
이때다 싶어서to hesitate until an appropriate moment to seize an opportunity / take advantage of a situation
남페미negotiate salary, negotiate annual salary