Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Lesson 0 : How to ask “where”?


Nibo [verb] [subject]


Where are we sitting?

Níbo a joko ?

Where are you?

Níbo ni ẹ wà ?

Where is your watch?

Níbo ni agogo rẹ?

Where are you from?

Ọmọ ìlú ibo ni ẹ́?

Where are we going?

Níbo a lọ?

Nibo la nlo?

Where are you going?

Níbo ẹ́ lọ ?

Nibo le n’lọ? ( to many persons )

Nibo lo n’lọ? ( to one person )

Where is your school?

Níbo ni ile-iwe rẹ?

Nibo ni ile-iwe re wa?

Where is your father?

Níbo ni Bàbá rẹ?

Níbo ni Bàbá rẹ wà?


Bàbá : Father, dad

ile-iwe : School

ìlú : hometown


My mom’s corrections

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