Learn Yoruba For Beginners – Stories – A Day in the Life of Tola
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Learn Yoruba For Beginners – Stories – A Day in the Life of Tola

Tola is a young girl who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She loves to play, learn, and help her family. One day, Tola’s day is full of interesting events, and she uses many negative sentences to describe her experiences.


Tola wakes up early in the morning. Her mother asks her, “Tola, did you sleep well?”

Tola replies, “Mi ò sun dada.” (I did not sleep well.)

Her mother asks, “Did you have a bad dream?”

Tola says, “Rara, mi ò ni ala buburu.” (No, I did not have a bad dream.)


Tola goes to the kitchen to have breakfast. Her father asks, “Tola, will you eat bread?”

Tola answers, “Rara, mi ò fẹ́ jẹ̀ buredi.” (No, I do not want to eat bread.)

Her father asks, “Will you drink tea?”

Tola replies, “Bẹẹni, ṣùgbọn mi ò fẹ́ tii pẹ̀lú suga.” (Yes, but I do not want tea with sugar.)


At school, Tola’s teacher asks the class, “Did you all do your homework?”

Tola says, “Rara, mi ò ṣe iṣẹ́ ile.” (No, I did not do the homework.)

The teacher asks, “Why didn’t you do it?”

Tola replies, “Nítorí mi ò ní àkókò.” (Because I did not have time.)


After school, Tola’s friend, Bola, asks her, “Tola, do you want to play soccer?”

Tola says, “Rara, mi ò fẹ́ ṣe bọọlu.” (No, I do not want to play soccer.)

Bola asks, “Do you want to play hide and seek?”

Tola answers, “Bẹẹni, ṣùgbọn mi ò fẹ́ saarin igbó.” (Yes, but I do not want to hide in the forest.)


In the evening, Tola’s mother asks her, “Tola, will you help me cook dinner?”

Tola replies, “Bẹẹni, ṣùgbọn mi ò mọ́ bí a ṣe ń se obe.” (Yes, but I do not know how to cook soup.)

Her mother says, “That’s okay, I will teach you.”


At night, Tola’s father asks her, “Tola, are you ready to sleep?”

Tola says, “Rara, mi ò tíì setan.” (No, I am not ready.)

Her father asks, “Are you not tired?”

Tola replies, “Mi ò rẹ̀ mọ́.” (I am not tired.)

Tola had a busy day filled with many activities and learned a lot. She used negation in many sentences to express what she did not want or did not do. Tola’s day shows how useful it is to know how to negate sentences in Yoruba.


Mi òI did not/I do not
iṣẹ́ ileHomework
ṣe bọọluPlay soccer
saarin igbóHide in the forest