Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Lesson 9 : Negation in Yoruba
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Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Lesson 9 : Negation in Yoruba


In today’s lesson, we will be learning about how to negate in the Yoruba language. By adding the word “kò” before the verb, one can negate the sentence.  Please keep in mind that, if the pronouns she|he|it are used before the verb, they get removed when using the negative marker. Additionally, in the case of “I” as the subject pronoun, not only is the pronoun “mo” deleted, but it is also replaced by “N” before the negation marker.



I want to sleep.

Mo fẹ́ sùn.

I do not want to sleep.

N kò fẹ́ sùn.



She likes me.

Ó fẹ́ràn mi.

She does not like me.

Kò fẹ́ràn mi.



We are here.

A wà ńbí.

We are not here.

Kò wà ńbí.



They went there.

Wó̩n lọ síbẹ̀.

They did not go there. 

Kò lọ síbẹ̀.



You came.

O wá.

You did not come.

O kò wá.



  • I : Mo
  • she : Ó
  • we : A
  • they : Wó̩n
  • you : ẹ, o
  • to be : wà
  • to sleep :  sùn
  • to want : fẹ́
  • to like : fẹ́ràn
  • here : ńbí
  • there : níbẹ̀, síbẹ̀
  • to go :  lọ
  • to come: wá

Editor notes

As I am also a beginner in Yoruba, my sentences will be very short and boring. So please bear with me.