Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Lesson 7 : Pronouns in Yoruba — Intensive pronoun
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Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Lesson 7 : Pronouns in Yoruba — Intensive pronoun


Hello everyone! This post’s focus is intensive pronouns. Some of these are myself, yourself, themselves etc. These types of pronouns emphasise the antecedent. In the Yoruba language, based on my very quick research, these pronouns are expressed in the following format :

ara + subject pronoun

If you want to know more about subject pronouns, please click this link.

This was a bit difficult to draft up because, although I could find resources for some pronouns, I had to resort to google translate and assumptions to figure out the last two pronouns. So please take this grammar lesson with a grain of salt. I hope Yoruba language experts see this and provide their own corrections and suggestions in the comments.



ara mi


I buy food for myself.

Mo ra oúnjẹ fún ara mi.

Yourself (singular)

Ara rẹ


You buy food for yourself.

Ẹ ra oúnjẹ fún ara rẹ.


Arárẹ̀, alarẹ̀


He buys food for himself.

Wó̩n ra oúnjẹ fún ará rẹ̀.


ara wa


We buy food for ourselves.

A ra oúnjẹ fún ara wa.

Yourselves (plural)

ara yín


You buy food for yourselves.

O ra oúnjẹ fún ara yín.


ara wọn


They buy food for themselves.

O ra oúnjẹ fún ara wọn.

Hope you enjoyed this very informal post. Please, every suggestion or correction is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you! See you in the next post.

Editor notes

As I am also a beginner in Yoruba, my sentences will be very short and boring. So please bear with me.