Learn Yoruba for Beginners – Lesson 13 : UNIT 0 Word List


The following table contains the words that I learned while writing the articles for UNIT 0. Also this can also serve as a reference for beginner level vocabulary.

Vocabulary List

Nr. Yoruba Word English Word Category
1 bàbá father, dad noun
2 ile-iwe school noun
3 iṣẹ́ work  verb
4 mo I subject pronoun
5 ẹ, o you subject pronoun
6 wó̩n,ó he,she subject pronoun
7 a we subject pronoun
8 jẹun to eat verb
9 dìde to stand up verb
10 jókòó to sit down verb
11 burú bad adjective
12 to see verb
13 a we subject pronoun
14 to come verb
15 mi me object pronoun
16 you object pronoun
17 ṣó̩ọ̀ṣì church noun
18 ló̩la tomorrow adverb
19 oúnjẹ food noun
20 fún for,to preposition
21 sùn to sleep verb
22 fẹ́ràn to like verb
23 lọ to go verb

Hope you enjoyed this very informal post. Please, every suggestion or correction is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you! See you in the next post.

Editor notes

As I am also a beginner in Yoruba, my sentences will be very short and boring. So please bear with me.


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