[fmkorea] The Hidden Songwriting Talents of K-Pop’s Idols!
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[fmkorea] The Hidden Songwriting Talents of K-Pop’s Idols!

This article features Moon Hee-joon from H.O.T, who produced music independently since the group’s early days, BoA, who has over 139 self-composed songs, Song Baek-kyung from 1TYM, who was a key producer for YG Entertainment, and Chun Myung-hoon from NRG, who invested in music equipment and learned composition to secure his future. Each of these artists significantly impacted the Korean music scene beyond their idol status.

  1. Moon Hee-joon (H.O.T)
    • Leader of H.O.T, one of the first-generation K-pop groups.
    • Used his first earnings to set up a home studio, creating rock-influenced tracks.
    • Composed significant songs for H.O.T, including “투지” and “Outside Castle.”
    • Produced, composed, and arranged songs independently, including full orchestral arrangements.
  2. BoA
    • A symbol of SM Entertainment and a pioneering K-pop idol.
    • Has registered around 139 self-composed songs with the Korean Music Copyright Association.
    • Known for her proficiency with DAW software and full-scale music production, including mixing and mastering.
    • Recognized as a top singer-songwriter, ranked higher than renowned artists like Jay Park, Suga of BTS, and G-Dragon.
  3. Song Baek-kyung (1TYM)
    • Member of 1TYM, a foundational group for YG Entertainment.
    • Played a significant role in producing 1TYM’s debut album, collaborating with YG’s PERRY.
    • Mentored G-Dragon during his trainee days, teaching him composition and music theory.
    • Worked with various artists like Gummy, Wheesung, and Lee Hi, and even composed for sitcoms.
  4. Chun Myung-hoon (NRG)
    • Member of NRG who started composing to secure his future beyond idol activities.
    • Invested his first earnings into music equipment and learned composition from Untitle’s Yoo Gun-hyung.
    • Known for his intellectual and musical abilities, Chun has a background in the postmodern music program at Kyunghee University.
    • Previously earned significant royalties but now receives a reduced income from his past hits.

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  1. [+256, -19] Chun Myung-hoon has never caused any trouble, so why does he seem like a celebrity in self-reflection? LOL
  2. [+144, -4] There were a lot of fabricated controversies about Moon Hee-joon’s words and actions. LOL . “I lost weight by eating only three cucumbers a day. Rock is a hungry music” → The phrase “Rock is hungry” was said by a journalist.”Who is Led Zeppelin?” → This was part of a segment where Lee Yoon-seok would explain, but only the first part was cut out and fabricated.
  3. Please don’t call me a celebrity. I’ve decided to walk the path of an artist” → He never said this at all.
  4. [+87, -0] The best first-generation idol composer = Yoo Gun-hyung of Untitle
    1. Notable works:
      1. Untitle albums 1 to 4
      2. Psy’s “Gangnam Style”
      3. g.o.d’s “Sorrow”
      4. Rain’s “Instead of Saying Goodbye”
      5. “Because It’s Fun and Pretty”
      6. Seo In-young’s “Cinderella”
      7. DJ DOC’s “I’m This Kind of Person”
  5. [+53, -0] When I was young, people only talked about Moon Hee-joon going “Bbaek,” so that’s all I remember, but he was really talented.

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