[Naver] ‘Dispatch’ verified that the incident of ignoring the greeting actually happened.
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[Naver] ‘Dispatch’ verified that the incident of ignoring the greeting actually happened.

Original Article :  NewJeans Parents Confront HYBE Over Bang Si-hyuk’s Shocking Behavior

Last month, during a meeting between HYBE and NewJeans’ representatives, including three parents of NewJeans members, the issue arose regarding why HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk ignored their greetings. While HYBE suggested that Bang might have face blindness, the parents questioned if he could at least hear their greetings. Subsequently, an investigation by ‘Dispatch’ confirmed the incident, highlighting HYBE’s failed attempt to build trust, as the meeting details were leaked to the media.

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  1. [+418, -45] There were only two people in the elevator, so not acknowledging the greeting isn’t a problem of face blindness…
  2. [+410, -41] There’s no mention in the article about having seen CCTV footage, guys. We don’t know how they verified it.
  3. [+281, -164] What’s with the people diverting the issue by saying ‘it’s just about not greeting back’? It’s not just about not greeting back; the point is that the head of HYBE seems to be ignoring the members, which could cause them to fight, as reported in the media. (If not greeting back is a fact) . Think about greeting the CEO, not just an executive, at work and being ignored. You’d be super stressed for weeks, LOL.
  4. [+127, -102] Showing CCTV without police presence would be a violation of privacy laws. It’s really tough.

For Korean learners

엘베 Short for 엘리베이터 (elevator)
안면인식장애Face blindness (prosopagnosia)
논점Point of discussion or issue
수장Head or leader
개인정보법Privacy law