[naver] Min Hee-jin: ‘Treated Like an Outsider’ Within Hybe
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[naver] Min Hee-jin: ‘Treated Like an Outsider’ Within Hybe

Original article : Min Hee-jin: ‘Treated Like an Outsider’ Within Hybe…Meetings with Naver and Doo Namoo Were Personal Gatherings.

CEO Min Hee-jin’s Response Amid Legal Dispute

In the midst of a legal dispute with Hybe, CEO Min Hee-jin has stepped forward, breaking her silence and delivering her first public statement since her previous press conference.

Refutation of Hybe’s Accusations

Transitioning to her response, Min vehemently denied Hybe’s accusations of discussing Ador’s management with external investors. She provided clarity, highlighting that the encounter was merely a private dinner, unrelated to business matters.

Accusations Against Hybe

Transitioning further, Min accused Hybe of distorting her discussions with Ador’s co-CEO about potential acquisitions. She voiced her criticism of the presentation of illegally obtained evidence in court, shedding light on unethical practices.

Dismissal of Derogatory Remarks Allegations

Moving forward, Min dismissed claims of derogatory remarks towards NewJeans members, emphasizing the strong camaraderie within the organization.

Anticipation of Resolution

Looking ahead, the resolution of Min’s interim injunction application is eagerly anticipated before Ador’s upcoming shareholders’ meeting on the 31st, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal battle.


  1. [+361, -58]  My blood is boiling…
  2. [+250, -14]  So, they’re saying if other labels perform well, it’s because they manipulated and pushed aside competitors? They’re like driving a supercar on a well-paved highway that others built, ignoring their efforts and boasting about being the fastest. Acting all high and mighty alone, who’s going to appreciate that?
  3. [+212, -7]  They say it’s just jokes and casual talk haha what a joke, acting all high and mighty.
  4. [+163, -15]  Documents from Ador // In April, there was a public opinion campaign~ They manipulated stock prices to drop~ They held a member and parent assembly~ They met with investors~ Everything that has happened so far matches perfectly. Members and parents were gaslighted by Min Hee-jin, deceived into hiring lawyers and even writing petitions. Parents even participated, and now NewJeans has become the second fiasco.


For Korean learners

밀어내기Push aside
고고High and mighty
사담Casual talk
개후달려보임Acting all high and mighty
여론전Public opinion campaign
주식떨어지게Manipulating stock prices to drop
먹튀Manipulation for personal gain