[naver] NewJeans and Their Parents in Court Battle to Save Their CEO
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[naver] NewJeans and Their Parents in Court Battle to Save Their CEO

Original article : NewJeans Stands by ‘Mother’ Min Hee-jin… All Members Submit Petitions

NewJeans’ Supportive Petition:

Members of the popular K-pop girl group NewJeans, along with their parents, submitted a petition to the court to support Ador CEO Min Hee-jin. This proactive move precedes a crucial shareholder meeting where Min’s dismissal could complicate NewJeans’ future. The group’s members and their parents clearly expressed their desire to continue working with Min, marking their first official stance on the issue. The parents also hired an entertainment dispute specialist lawyer, reflecting the seriousness of their support.

Escalating Tensions with Hybe

Tensions escalated as Hybe, the parent company, and Min exchanged accusations. Min claimed that Hybe pressured for inflated album sales figures, a claim Hybe denied. Meanwhile, Hybe accused Min of engaging with potential investors to secure her position, which she refuted as mere casual meetings.

Concerns for NewJeans’ Future

This internal conflict within the company raises concerns about potential contract disputes for New Jeans if Min is removed.


  1. [+145, -48]  All the evidence is out there in Ador’s documents and Min Hee-jin’s and the deputy’s KakaoTalk messages. Have the members and parents lost their minds? Min Hee-jin will be punished anyway, so why are they still being gaslighted by her and hiring a lawyer to submit a petition? NewJeans was doing well, but Min Hee-jin’s greed ruined everything. Members and parents, wake up now. Compared to Fifty Fifty, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Min Hee-jin is a wicked demon. Scammers like her should be expelled from society and punished.
  2. [+78, -4]  You can just pay the penalty and leave.
  3. [+81, -9]  Dragging their own artists into this is crossing the line… They pretend to care, but how is this different from the Fifty Fifty case? Artists should just be taken care of to focus on their activities. The management disputes should be handled by the executives… It’s clear that Min Hee-jin doesn’t have the mindset of a true executive, more like that of a manager.
  4. [+17, -1]  If the artists themselves were capable of writing their own songs, this wouldn’t be happening. Wealthy artists like BTS, Seventeen, and Zico, who own their copyrights, aren’t swayed by labels. They define their own colors… But New Jeans debuted as Min Hee-jin’s girl group with everything tied to her style and concept. If they were alone, they couldn’t do anything on their own, which is why they cling to Min Hee-jin.

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