[fmkorea] HYBE Accuses Min Hee-jin of Plotting Corporate Takeover Amid Album Sales Scandal
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[fmkorea] HYBE Accuses Min Hee-jin of Plotting Corporate Takeover Amid Album Sales Scandal

Original Article : HYBE: ‘We did not engage in album bulk buying… Min Hee-jin’s accusations are baseless.

HYBE has publicly denied allegations made by Min Hee-jin of ADOR, claiming that they did not engage in ‘album bulk buying’ practices. They argued that these accusations are part of a plan to usurp company control. HYBE clarified their sales strategies and disclosed minor album returns to counter the claims, asserting that their operations adhere to transparent principles. The company also criticized Min’s actions as unjustified and vowed legal action to protect their management integrity.

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  1. [+444, -80] So if Min Hee-jin isn’t guilty of breach of trust and HYBE isn’t doing bulk buying, then why is HYBE trying to oust her by accusing her of breach of trust?
  2. [+374, -41] Is asking where to return 100,000 units under a returnable condition part of an ‘informal conversation’? lol
  3. [+162, -244] Even suggesting the idea of turning ADOR into an empty shell was just casual talk, so I guess that much could also be considered casual talk.
  4. [+270, -10] Min claims that HYBE suggested New Jeans engage in bulk buying to justify her allegations. However, HYBE says this was just part of an informal conversation.
음반 밀어내기album bulk buying
근거 없는 의혹baseless accusations
배임breach of trust
사재기bulk buying
반품 가능한 조건returnable condition
사담casual talk
정당화하기 위해to justify
쫓아내려고 하는거임trying to oust
초동initial sales
억지부리기unreasonable behavior
경영권 탈취usurping management control
문제제기raising issues
공식 입장문official statement
초동 기록 경쟁initial sales record competition
박지원 대표이사CEO Park Ji-won
밀어내기 이슈bulk buying issue
유통사distribution company
초동 판매량initial sales volume
전체 음반판매량total album sales
외부 애널리스트external analysts
팬 이벤트fan events
내부통제 강화strengthening internal controls
원칙에 벗어난deviating from principles
불법 탈취 도모attempting illegal takeover
법적 조치legal action
도쿄돔 공연Tokyo Dome concert
IP 보호protecting IP
사내외internally and externally
음반 판매량album sales volume
뉴진스의 컴백NewJeans’ comeback
시장 상황market situation
무려no less than
부당행위improper conduct
판매량 발표sales announcement
근거 없이without evidence