[fmkorea] The true reason why Burning Sun was covered up
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[fmkorea] The true reason why Burning Sun was covered up

This post reveals illicit activities that took place in a secret VIP room at a club, connected to the Burning Sun scandal. A group labeled as “A Group” is implicated, hinting that the scandal’s true reasons might be buried. Notable figures like Seungri and Jung Joon-young are possibly part of a larger cover-up.

This highlights the wide range of individuals implicated in the scandal’s activities.

Disturbing Activities in the VVIP Office

Shocking and disturbing activities were witnessed in a VVIP office building linked to the club. Professional-level cleaning methods were used to remove bloodstains. Scenes included unconscious women being harmed and a doctor involved in these activities, implying a highly organized and sinister operation.

Professional Bloodstain Removal Training

“Even received professional bloodstain removal training.” An office building incineration team member reported that they use sprays to remove bloodstains, and they learned these techniques. They even teach methods similar to those used by forensic teams for cleaning.

Horrifying Scenes in Club VVIP Office Building

“Horrifying scenes witnessed in club VVIP office building.” At 6 a.m., the incineration team member entered to clean, but the party wasn’t over yet. Men were sprawled out on the sofa floor, unable to recognize if someone had entered.

“They tied up women and deliberately made traces of harm. Even when the women were unconscious, they seemed to move slightly.”

“One person seemed to be a doctor. While filming, they stopped the bleeding and recorded everything, putting items into bags. I wondered what this was about,” the team member said.


Main Customers Involved

The ‘main customers’ mentioned by the supplier:

  • Group A: Sons of high-ranking politicians and large hospital directors
  • Group B: Hip-hop artists and commercial film directors
  • Group C: Ordinary people

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  1. [+1454, -12] Since it’s on both sides, it’s getting buried, haha.
  2. [+1035, -5] It’s almost a scandal that could shake South Korea. Looks like both ruling and opposition parties are involved, so neither mentions it, haha.
  3. [+801, -0] Looks like all the corrupt lawmakers are involved, haha.
  4. [+500, -8] Looking at the Jamboree, it’s really, haha.

For Korean learners

묻히다To be buried/covered up
정계Political circles
관계자Involved party