[fmkorea] Min Hee-jin Demands 30x Compensation Amid Hybe Dispute!
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[fmkorea] Min Hee-jin Demands 30x Compensation Amid Hybe Dispute!

Original article: Min Hee-jin is justifying her demand for significantly higher compensation by arguing that it takes into account the future value generated from producing boy groups

Min Hee-jin allegedly pushed Hybe to increase a compensation clause from 13 times to 30 times the original value in a contract revision. Min Hee-jin’s team argues that the higher compensation reflects the future value of their boy group productions. However, Hybe  contends that such an increase is unreasonable as it relies on unproven and future events, potentially harming shareholder interests.

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  1. [+1042, -84] It’s a well-known tradition that those who claim they have no greed for money are the ones who are most blinded by it.
  2. [+757, -160] Interestingly, any posts unfavorable to ADOR seem to disappear…
  3. [+450, -590] Hmm… I’m not sure if what she demanded is an issue, but isn’t it just like asking for a raise and being told to go screw yourself? Separately, I don’t think Min Hee-jin is completely without greed for money, haha.
  4. [+593, -55] There’s that famous meme, haha. ‘I don’t care about money’ = ‘I’m obsessed with money.’


For Korean learners

돈에 욕심 없다To be thirst for money, To be motivated by money, To be money hungry, money-greedy
신기하게도Strangely, Curiously, Surprisingly, Amazingly
N+ 에게 불리한 against N
사라져 간다disappearing
연봉 협상을 하다negotiate salary, negotiate annual salary